Hello, I'm Audrey, a Yoga Instructor -500hr RYT- and ACE Fitness Personal trainer.  I started my movement journey overweight, anxious, tight, weak and insecure near to my 30s.  I was tired of feeling tired and I didn't want to use self-destructive habits to soothe, so I decided to finally commit to inner and outer transformation.  For the last 10 years I have fully immersed myself in yoga, martial arts, meditation, quality nutrition and various fitness trainings.  My passion is to bring what worked for me to you.  I understand the struggle and I am here to help you through that while enjoying the process.  

-Turn your Pain into Power-

We all work on ourselves for different reasons.  I started as a way to cope with a family heartbreak.  In 2006 my oldest sister and mother were in a tragic bicycle accident.  My sister lost her life and my mother suffered a C3 spinal chord injury, which left her quadriplegic.  Fully paralyzed from the neck down, she spent over a decade bound to a wheelchair.  Since then, I have never taken the simple gift of movement for granted.  Despite her difficult situation, my mother remained positive and driven to keep a high quality of life.  She taught herself how to paint using a mouth stick and eventually was able to support herself as an artist.  When the accident happened I was in my early 20s and left my studies to care for her 24/7.  Those many years by her side are most special to me.  I can't express in words what it was like to bathe, dress and feed my mother everyday. To wake up in the middle of each night to bring her a sip of water, scratch her nose, adjust her blanket or read to her.  Sometimes I would just sit quietly with my head on her shoulder so she didn't feel alone.  Together we discovered how to navigate a new way of life.  How to make the best out of a situation unfathomable. Each day was full of new discoveries; laughter and tears.  It was a period in my life of tremendous love, service and gratitude for the small things.  She remains my greatest teacher. My daily inspiration. When I feel unmotivated, I simply close my eyes, think of her resilience and get myself back in the game.

In my early 30s I moved to Shanghai where I resumed my studies in Mandarin Chinese language.  I faced new challenges in a very different reality.  With less than 500 dollars to my name, I worked as many jobs as I could.  I also dove deeply into Yoga and Capoeira which connected me to a fantastic international community of friends.  This helped me heal and rejuvenate.  I befriended an elderly Shanghainese couple who treated me like their daughter during these years.  My university studies had been in Cultural Anthropology, so as I spent most days with them I came to understand better the complexity and richness of Chinese culture.  Fortunately, I was able to find work at the University of Shanghai as a cross-cultural communications instructor within the tourism industry.  Later this led me to work with EuropaCorp and China Film Company as a translator and dialogue coach for Chinese and Hong Kong actors.  Even though I liked my work, I felt a desire to do something deeper with the valuable lessons I had learned from my personal experiences.  It is a bit dark to admit and I feel vulnerable to say it, but I had arrived at a point of such suffering where I felt I had two choices - either to terminate this life or to fully commit to what I felt was my purpose in life.  Sometimes we have to pass through dark places to get to that light. A big surrendering happened to not caring what society thought or how others perceived me and I started fully exploring everything I felt curious about - Yoga, martial arts, vipassana meditation, ayurveda, acupuncture - also disciplines, such as qigong and reiki.  I worked diligently on my practice, health, healing and growth mindset. Ultimately, I empowered myself to become the person I always wanted to be.  This led me to shift careers and share with you what I value most.

Believe me, I started my journey broken- with ZERO confidence, coordination, strength or flexibility.  It was and still is a challenging path, but it has made me who I am today.  I feel better than ever - happy, healthy and radiantly alive!  Thank you for reading about my journey.  If you are going through a difficult time in life, I can assure you it will pass and you will come out even stronger and more resilient.  If you need motivation, a plan or inspiration to stay consistent in your goals, I am happy to help. Let's get started together.

For those interested in my mother's incredible journey and artwork, you can see more about her here -


She passed away in 2017, but remains in the hearts and minds of many.