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Je ne peux que grandement recommander les cours de yoga d’Audrey. Après une retraite d’une semaine en Valais dans un cadre magnifique, j’ai pu perfectionner de nombreuses postures et techniques pour aller plus loin dans ma pratique. Quelle chance de la connaître, j’ai adoré son esprit, son caractère, sa sensibilité. Elle transmet sa passion avec humilité et sait motiver et sans forcer ses élèves. En plus d’être une grande yogini, elle est aussi une maître spirituelle qui sait rester simple et nous engage à réconcilier corps et esprit.

Charlene Gogniat

I highly recommend Audrey as a yoga teacher, personal trainer and person!  She creates a beautiful, welcoming and trusting atmosphere.

Audrey goes beyond the typical classes and really makes an effort to understand you and your body.  At her yoga classes, she proposes pranayama/breathing techniques and asanas with different options, very much tailored to your niveau or energy levels.  After her classes, I feel energized and calm and relaxed at the same time.  There wasn't a single time that I haven't learned something new- whether that's a technique, a posture or some inspiration to reflect upon.  I'm so grateful for her teachings!

Agnes Schneidt

Audrey is a dedicated and compassionate yoga instructor. Her classes combine achievability and challenge. I never feel like I have to go beyond my "comfortable edge" to get into a pose as Audrey offers lots of alternatives depending on where my body is on that particular day. Her technical skills in yoga are excellent. She is my favorite teacher over the last 15 years since I started my yoga practice. 

Rani Poorman

I remember my first yoga class with Audrey where she put me at ease right away by having an approach that took into account my limited abilities.  She showed me that yoga was not just an activity, but a way of life, a different approach to movement and a communication to one's body.  All this with infinite patience, a benevolent smile and a lot of positive energy!

Oztasch Besouro

Audrey is an amazing yoga teacher and her classes have such a great energy! I started going with her as a beginner and she really helps you develop yours skills at your own pace. I highly recommend he's classes!

Tania Mercado

Audrey is a great yoga instructor - she is very knowledgeable and every class with her leaves you feeling calm, restored and powerful! Can highly recommend taking a class with Audrey!

Lionie Lion


Si je devais donner qu’un seul mot pour définir ces 5 jours de yoga dans ce cadre magnifique ce serait : Lumineux. Pour la lumière qui se dégageait de toi et de chacun de nous, pour la clarté de tes cours et pour le soleil qui nous réchauffait.


- Maria Campelo-Gonzalez

"Audrey is a wonderful teacher! She has a unique way of creating a safe space for her students to practice. She is a very kind and empathetic teacher and her instructions are very clear and precise. She pays attention to each of her students and always respects their limits and wishes and proposes alternative postures if needed. I would take classes with her anytime!"

Johanna Huber

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